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Top Pick for Puzzles Activities and Brain Fun


Smarty Pants Brain-Building Cards: There are various card sets for different age groups—not just first grade as shown here.  The card sets let kids test their smarts with fun facts and funny trivia. They can be used solo (so a child can play alone or with a parent or friend), and the cards are colorful, creative and packed with illustrated activities, including trivia quizzes, problem-solving puzzles activities, word play, fun facts, creative story-building games and much more.

For the Awesome-est in Puzzles and Brain Fun:

Check out Melissa and Doug (www.melissaanddoug.com): This mom/pop style company will surprise you with how many different things they have available to inspire children, enliven their play, and fire up their imagination. Their blog entries are wonderful as well, spelling out great experiences that you can be having with your children.

Suspend Family Game – for steady nerves, steady hands, and concentration. Do you want to convert your fidgety child with a puzzle that will train anyone to prolong time on task? Why not try the Suspend Family Game. Set the clock and mark the amount of time your family can focus—the longer the better. Then try the reverse: build a full structure in the quickest time.


Available at Melissa and Doug (www.melissaanddoug.com).

Top Pick for Trivia Fun

For the absolute best TRIVIA FUN, visit:

Fun Trivia (www.funtrivia.com ) : This is indeed what they advertise—the world’s largest trivia site, with dozens of categories, and hundreds of fun info and facts within each category. This site appears to be endless in the stimulating facts and puzzles it has to offer. Thank you to “FunTrivia.com, the World’s Largest Trivia Website”

Top Pick for Personalized Puzzle Fun

For the super best PERSONALIZED PUZZLE FUN, visit:

KidPuzzle (kidpuzzles.com ) : This site not only will have a huge resource of jigsaw-type puzzles, but they will also custom make your puzzle—great ideas to acquire cool and special gifts for young children.

Top Pick for Imagination and Logic

For the very best LOGIC AND IMAGINATION FUN, visit:

What We Do All Day (https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/single-player-logic-games/ ) : Here’s a wonderful site offering gobs of gift ideas and at-home games and puzzles not just to keep your child busy, but to stimulate logic and the imagination. There is much more than the single player logic games, although this list alone will keep the brains fully charged.

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