Keeping your child’s brain and body healthy will mean giving your child the best conditions for realizing potential. There are so many topics, of course, when it comes to health, and I have selected some of the more common topics you’ll find in the three Age-Specific Wellness Topics.  For a fuller, professional understanding of the more serious health conditions associated with these various developmental ages, I have included a link on these click-in pages to what I believe is the best resource for learning more.

The main click-in areas in this column—Age-Specific Wellness Topics, Feeding the Brain, Outdoor Play and Gardening, Fine Motor Skills, Social Skills, and Parental Mirroring—reflect different facets of how we can be nourishing the brains and bodies of our children. Please send me your suggestions on health and/or behavioral issues, topics, and conditions that you would like to see addressed, as I intend to keep these pages evolving.