Fun Facts: Animals

1)      Giraffes have long necks, but the necks are too short to reach the ground

2)      Frogs can freeze without dying

3)      Just like human beings with unique fingerprints, no two Giraffes have the same spot patterns

4)      A healthy elephant can drink up to 60 gallons of water each day, which is approximately 275 big bottles of coke.

5)      Elephants have a long lifespan and they can live averagely, for up to 70 years just like humans

6)      Tigers are the largest big cats in the world, while lions are the second

7)      An adult dog has 42 teeth

8)      A puppy is born blind, deaf and toothless

9)      A lion’s roar can be heard 8 kilometers (5.0 miles) away

10)    Wild lions are lazy and can rest for about 20 hours a day

11)    Rabbits sometimes eat their own poop

12)    The teeth of a rabbit never stop growing, just like human fingernails

13)    Rabbits groom themselves just like cats do, by licking their fur and paws

14)    Female lions (lionesses) are better hunters than the males and they do most of the hunting for pride

15)    Dolphins live in schools or pods made of up to 12 individuals

16)    The eyes of a horse are bigger than that of any other mammal that lives on land

17)    A horse can sleep both by lying down and standing up

18)    A horse is capable of running shortly after birth

19)    Dolphins communicate with each other by licking, whistling or making other sounds

20)    Pedestrian crossings are named after the black and white stripes of zebras

21)    Zebras run from side to side when being chased by predators to minimize the chances of being caught

22)    Snakes have flexible jaws which makes it possible for them to swallow preys that are bigger than their heads

23)    A crocodile has the strongest bite than any other animal in the world

24)    Monkeys love bananas, but they do not eat the skin. They usually peel the skin off before eating their bananas

25)    Tortoises do not have teeth, but they rather have horny type beaks and extremely strong mouths