Fun Facts: Sports

1)     The most watched and most played sports on earth is football

2)      For every football match, the players run and average of 9.65 km

3)      The football hall of fame is in Canton, Ohio.

4)      Michael Jordan has scored more playoff points in basketball than anyone else

5)      The diameter of the steel rim of basketball is 18 inches, whereas its height is 10 feet

6)      Famous basketball player, Kobe Bryant entered the NBA at just 17

7)      The greatest football tournament is the FIFA World Cup Finals

8)      Popular golfer, Tiger Woods has won 77 PGA tournaments already

9)      A typical golf course has 18 holes

10)    Volleyball players are likely to jump up to 300 times during each game

11)    Volleyball is the second most popular sports in the world after football

12)    Many years ago, Volleyball used to be called ‘mintonette’

13)    Jamaican retired sprinter, Usain Bolt is arguably the fastest man in the world

14)    American professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather is currently the highest paid athlete in the world

15)    Barcelona striker, Lionel Messi is currently the second highest paid athlete in the world

16)    An Olympic-Sized pool contains about 660,000 gallons of water

17)    Until 1912, women were not allowed to compete in the Olympics

18)    Children can start swimming lessons as early as when they are two months old

19)    Tennis is an Olympic sport which can also be played by wheelchair users

20)    A standard tennis court is 27 feet wide and 78 feet long

21)    Golf has been voted as the world’s most boring sports by many polls

22)    An average golf ball has 336 dimples

23)    A baseball game has 18 minutes of total action

24)    The Philippines has competed the most in Summer Olympics, but has never won any gold medal

25)    The Brazilian National team has won the most (5 times) World Cup titles