Children Word Games Activities

At Enliven Minds, we believe that diverse children’s word games and activities can play a massive role to help your kids concentrate on letters and sounds. This exciting technique develops those key skills in children which they require to properly spell, read and write.

By playing a wide assortment of exhilarating word games you can spend some quality time with your lovely nestlings, while inadvertently getting them engaged in an amazing learning process. Even though many word games have been transformed into superb toys and board games, the ones we have compiled here at Enliven Minds involve minimal gear.

Guess the Name of Animal

It is one of the simplest yet utterly enjoyable children word games activities. All you have to do is give your kids any word that rhymes and let them guess the name of animal. For instance, “My name rhymes with flat. I’m a…” (The correct answers could be rat, bat, cat etc.) That’s fun, isn’t it?!

I Spy

I Spy is a very popular word game that most of the people should already be aware of. In this word activity you have to spot anything that is present in close proximity. You can tell your children the letter or sound its name starts with. Kids must look around in a bid to guess exactly what you “spied”.

Make Words

This word game will need you to have letter blocks, magnet letters or plastic letters, and it is perfect for kids who have recently started to spell. You can also play such children’s word games and activities with your older children by using a pencil, pen, or by simply playing mentally. Simply put some letters in front of your kids and ask them to create words with the help of those letters. It works as a perfect foundation for more advanced board games, such as Scrabble.